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My Background..

Hello, my name is Walter L. Smith III (WS-3) and I am running for the Minnesota House of Representatives (Republican Seat) for District 25B, in Rochester, Minnesota, and the Cascade Township. 

I am 44 y.o., and married to Yahayra Smith; with two children at home — Carlies Yariel Smith (19 yo) and Brenda Liz Smith (17 yo).  I moved to Rochester, Minnesota from Los Angeles, California, almost five years ago; and I now consider myself “at home” in Minnesota.

I am a business owner and consultant:

CEO of WS-3 Enterprises & Associates, LLC 

Executive Director of Everybody In MN

Executive Director of ReConnect Rondo, Inc.

**I’ve recently been selected for: Leadership Greater Rochester (LGR), Class of 2018, by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

My AIDA Approach..


Between 1998 and 2009, I lost a total of ten family members, including my paternal and maternal grandmothers and grandfathers who raised me, my wife, my mother, my father, my career mentor, and others..The pain and soberness of what it meant for me to “go on with life”, took a more reflective and serious tone about “how” exactly I am supposed to fulfill my calling and my purpose in life. 

I've always had a passion for strong leadership and absolutely love leveraging and learning from the talents and strengths of others, while building community and fostering a team spirit in my vocation and in my volunteerism throughout the years. I despise “hubris”; I dislike “labels”; but I understand that what brings hope to others, is a strong message and stand for the times — no matter what opponents may say about your work and your commitment.


 As the only son of a career military veteran, entrepreneur and educator, Walter L Smith Jr (my dad) and a mental health and civil service practitioner, professional singer and woman of faith (Delores A Smith, my mom) who are now both "deceased", I grew up with a sincere love and passion for God, Country and my Community of Faith that has fueled my bi-vocational career path and international travels as an Organizational Development Consultant, with speciality areas in community economic development, land development, public private partnerships and racial equitable development.

Formerly, I was a honorably discharged veteran and Green-to-Gold ROTC Academic Scholarship of the U.S. Army and a licensed and ordained member of the clergy since 1993.  I am an extremely passionate "guerrilla entrepreneur" with diverse interests and hobbies in social entrepreneurship, blogging, online social media and political commentary, songwriting and music publishing, as well as a student and emerging voice in both political and religious circles.


I'm running for office to leverage all of the unique experiences and expertise that surrounds my passion for bridge-building through public service.  I do not consider myself a politician, but a skilled civic-minded practitioner, with proven experience in the various public, private and nonprofit ecosystems as a consultant.  I possess the ability to be challenged by the polarization of partisanship, while still maintaining a heart and focus for what really matters, “people”.

As a person who is more interested in properly addressing and discovering the history behind the various issues and systems that we need to improve on behalf of every citizen, with a passion for finding solutions, partnering around the strengths and capacity of competent and viable stakeholders, and being willing to assume leadership where there are "vacuums" -- or where special interests have normally taken lead.  My goal is to renew the faith of all people in the political process.  By walking out my desire to build a prosperous, sustainable and supportive community that values and appreciates the contributions of everyone -- no matter what their race, creed, religion, gender, or sexual preference, I know that I can and will make a difference for the constituents of District 25B.


I want to build intergenerational relationships around priorities and policy areas that most affects our livelihoods and our qualities of life. I want to help dismantle the “glass house” around being a person of faith and being engaged in politics, by living out my convictions -- without imposing any religious ideals of moral superiority, or by demonstrating an unfair bias towards those that believe differently from me.

I want to positively impact and influence others for the stability, success and prosperity of us all, by listening to the wisdom of various practitioners in their respective fields and parties; and by readily seeking solutions to the benefit of the whole.


Please remember ME when you go and cast your vote. My name is Walter L Smith III (WS-3) and I'm committed to helping bring greater balance and integrity to the political process, along with: 

  • A commitment of respect and service to and for our country, as well as an openness to our changing and diverse communities; 
  • A devotion to public service and to the community's interests that always makes me trustworthy; and
  • A heart for all people that doesn’t ignore our “difference”, as we all walk and work together across the aisle; to find ready solutions and to solve difficult problems, by learning to listen and to value one another in humility and in deference above all else!

Next Steps:

  1. Officially announce my interest to the local community, and continue to seek counsel from the people I respect and love.
  2. Make time to participate in the activities of the local and regional party, and get to know people who really don’t know me.
  3. Organize a team around me with the same heart to make a difference, while transforming politics by being myself and intentionally working beyond party politics to build a bridge for genuinely impacting our world!

My Involvement

I am a Volunteer:

2018 Republic Party Candidate for Minnesota House of Representatives District 25B 

Olmsted County GOP Precinct Chair for Ward 4 Precinct 3 (2018-2020)

Olmsted County GOP Delegate for District 25B (2018-2020)

Board of Directors, (2017) 

Treasurer & Board Member, Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage (Appointed by Governor Mark Dayton in 2017)

Executive Committee & Member, NAACP Rochester (2017)

MN Coalition Director, Convention of States Project (2016)

Member, Citizens for Self Governance (2016)

Member, Rochester Chamber of Commerce (2014 to present)

Board Member, International Quality Homecare/PCA Services (2017)

Olmsted County Community Services Advisory Board (7 Departments) (2016)

Capital Campaign Committee -- Center City Housing (2016)

•  Affordable Housing Steering Committee and Communications & Marketing Committee --Rochester Area Foundation (2015)

Community Focus Team -- Rochester Public Schools (2016)

Chairman of the Board -- Hip Hop Culture Institute -- (2011)

Prager University -- Political Science Playlist

Prager University takes the best ideas from the best minds, and distills them down to five focused minutes. Prager "U" then adds graphics and animation to create the most persuasive, entertaining, and educational case possible, for the values that have made America and the West the source of so much liberty and wealth. These values are Judeo-Christian at their core, and include the concepts of freedom of speech, a free press, free markets, and a strong military to protect those values.


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