History's Important..

There are many opinions and voices that attempt to "define" what a Black Conservative or a Black Republican "is" -- and I won't attempt to argue the point.  But, I do believe it's very important that the community I serve -- "knows my heart", and doesn't allow traditional "labels" or "profiles" to pigeonhole my emerging voice at all!

My personal & professional history is the backdrop behind "who I am", and I'm proud to share it with you, along with more about my beloved family.  It's my hope, that we can build a bridge to truly connect with one another, as I work hard to reach every family and business that is committed to making District 25B the best it can be! 

Understanding My Heart..

"Reconciling the Realities, By Embracing the Truth"

WS-3 Disclaimer: This is a blog response to a recent article that I read.  For more than twelve years, I've blogged online through https://askpastorwalter-ws3.blogspot.com.  It is the rawest testament of my heart as an ordained minister of twenty-three years.  I do NOT believe in "liberation theology" or "domionism", and I KNOW that politics and legislation can NOT change the "human heart". That transformation is a "spiritual one" that must take place in a very personal way. 

Blog Response:

When I consider the grave importance of what it means to "vote our convictions" and to "represent our faith" in our world today as genuine Christ-followers, I must reconcile the realities associated with a bent towards "conservative values" -- or more specifically, what it means to favorably side with Republican platforms during most elections; because of the imbalance, the record and the rhetoric of the Democratic Party and it's known historicity of fueling institutional Racism --  and the economic and political oppression, which is most understood by people of color that actually "know history"!

As I was recently rereading an article during my travels throughout the State of Minnesota, I was moved by the realities of some of the "truths" that I just can't ignore.   Since I'm actually considering involvement in politics at some level, with the conviction that more Christians need to be engaged in the political arena, so that we "flip the script" from the normal character assassination and sabotage that is becoming so prevalent today -- to actually addressing the prevailing issues with effective policies and principles that does not turn into partisan pedantic's, which muddies the waters of thoughtful reflection and serious contemplation, around "how to really solve problems and resolve the  issues" that keeps politician's politicking; without ever really seeing "real progress" for our beloved nation and our world.

Here's what I AGREE WITH from the article:

"It's tough to assert being the party of Lincoln while some Republican legislators court Neo-Confederates and other ethnic nationalist movements.

It is similarly difficult for Republicans to trumpet their role in passing Civil Rights Acts while the Republican National Committee is spearheading efforts to dismantle affirmative action (Former GOP chairman Michael Steele struck a good balance on this). And perhaps most importantly, the conservative emphasis on personal responsibility sounds disingenuous to many blacks when Republicans refuse to acknowledge the profound and continuing effects of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation—let alone the persistence of overt racism, institutional and systemic discrimination, and unconscious racial bias. 

There is an assumption that these issues do not need to be addressed head-on because a strong economy will raise up all Americans. Hence Republicans focus on fiscal matters over social justice. But if a particular social arrangement fundamentally privileges one group or marginalizes others, then economic growth tends to exacerbate disparities between groups rather than "lifting all boats." Or put another way, a system has to be fair before it can be color blind.

Black families have, on average, 5 percent of the wealth of their white counterparts. African Americans have limited access to the credit used to acquire property or start a business—and they have been largely excluded from social networks that enhance mobility. Meanwhile, whites receive 76 percent of all merit-based scholarships and grant funding. There have been myriad studies demonstrating that, regardless of their credentials, people with "ethnic" names are far less likely to get accepted into schools or called for job interviews. And even when hired, women and people of color are not promoted as often or as quickly as their white male counterparts—helping to explain why blacks earn only 60 cents for every dollar that white people earn in salary and wages. 

Addressing these challenges will require both blacks and whites to own up to the roles they have played, and continue to play, in perpetuating these unfortunate dynamics.  END OF ARTICLE.

(Commentary from http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/why-arent-there-more-black-republicans/)

I believe as CHRISTIANS, we MUST "reconcile the realities by embracing the truth", before we lose our souls with "partisan politics" and twisted "political commentary" that doesn't acknowledge the truth or truly serve the people it's supposed to help -- because its either self-serving and "prejudicial" at best!

A "post modern", "post Christian" and "post truth" society that celebrates "alternative facts" (lies) and coldly rejects truth, is neither something we should blindly follow or agree with, and something that we should never allow to inform our lives one bit!

I claim NO MORAL HIGH-GROUND, but I do acknowledge that there is a "standard" - and in my life it is founded upon my relationship with Jesus Christ, My Lord! WS-3

WS-3 Downloads

It is VERY IMPORTANT too me that the context of my Christian faith is understood.  I want everyone to know that my philosophy (generally speaking) has been shaped by my upbringing, my education and my personal faith in Christ.  I do NOT see it as something that excludes or polarizes me from others; but simply represents my heart, to be "balanced", "open", and also  "deeply convicted"; because of my personal devotion to God.  I will NOT impose "my beliefs" onto others, or attempt to "legislate morality" through the law.  But, I will reflect my Christian values in my decision-making, as I pursue public service through politics -- with the hopes that I will be an effective Christian witness, without ever making anyone feel ostracized, slighted or unheard.  These downloads from John MacArthur speak to the deep contemplations, reflections and prayers of my heart. WS-3

Christians-and-Politics,-Part-1-Oct-29-2017 (pdf)


Christians-and-Politics,-Part-2-Oct-29-2017 (pdf)


Christians-and-Politics,-Part-3-Oct-29-2017 (pdf)


Christians-and-Politics,-Part-4-Oct-29-2017 (pdf)


Why-does-John-avoid-political-issues-and-politics?-Oct-29-2017 (pdf)


WS-3's Historical Perspective on Racial Equity (pdf)


Ranked_Choice_Voting-Petitio (pdf)


Ranked_Choice_Voting-Olmsted (pdf)


Ranked_Choice_Voting-Aaron_M (pdf)


"Ask Pastor Walter"

"America: A Christian Nation?"

For Christians everywhere, the struggle with identity in our present-day culture is driving many towards unprofitable off-ramps, seductive detours and fanatical places of delusional pursuits.  Because our Christ-ordained mission does not change despite blaring persecution of humanists, blatant opposition of anti-Christ protest, or through subtle or blatant media manipulation, the reality of our Christ-identity has greater significance now than ever before.. 

Link to Blog (https://askpastorwalter-ws3.blogspot.com/2015/08/america-christian-nation.html?q=politics)

"Don't Be Silent"

The "standard" or expectation of what our Christian conduct should look like, can clearly be known by the looking at the ministry of Jesus -- or by simply studying the ministry of Paul. In both of these examples, we can see the love of God, and we can see the boldness that forbade either of them in retreating from confrontation; while choosing to love people no matter how the opposition challenged them in their ministry callings..

Link to Blog (https://askpastorwalter-ws3.blogspot.com/2017/01/dont-be-silent.html?q=politics)

"Is Censorship the Answer?"

Q.  Should Christians pursue "censorship" in entertainment, on cable, in media, or in hip hop music, etc.?

A.  ALL EXPRESSION is a revelation of the heart's experience and life position. "Living from the place your heart presently "is", is the key to "being authentic"!  So, GOD doesn't censor and silence the noise and profanity of culture or society; and neither should we!  EVERY EXPRESSION HAS VALUE; even if the context is negative, riske', or wrong.

Link to Blog (https://askpastorwalter-ws3.blogspot.com/2017/01/is-censorship-answer.html?q=politics)

"Mixed Messages Are the Worst"

"MIXED MESSAGES" are THE WORST, but that's NOT just because they're confusing -- their also FALSE ADVERTISEMENTS for a practice or principle which has NO MERIT; unless it can truly coexist with other ideas and "thrive"!  The "liberal progressive" ideology, religion and political philosophy is DISRESPECTFUL, HATEFUL, and GROSSLY INTOLERANT of others, to the degree that hurling insults, threatening violence and doing ANYTHING (harmful, illegal or hypocritical) to "prove their point", seems to be THEIR AIM!?!..

Link to Blog (https://askpastorwalter-ws3.blogspot.com/2017/01/mixed-messages-are-worst.html?q=politics)

"Rhetoric vs Reality"

As I've been a front-line witness of the troubling state of affairs in segments of CHRIST's Church for over twenty years, so many people seem to be more aroused and stirred by emotional and idealistic fantasies and rhetoric, than the actual truth or current realities screaming to their suppressed "God consciousness" and misinformed perspectives?!?  

What is more troubling, is that I'm seeing a similar delusion, fantasy and romanticization about these corrupt personalities, blaring realities and above-the-law attitudes in the political arena, because people don't seem to care about the TRUTH being revealed in waves, or they don't recognize real HUBRIS in their midst when they encounter it..

Link to Blog (https://askpastorwalter-ws3.blogspot.com/2016/08/rhetoric-vs-reality.html?q=politics)

"Imbalanced Christians?"

Recently, I've witnessed the wrangling of some well-meaning Christians online, talking about whether we should "pledge allegiance to the flag" anymore, and whether we should continue to "stand with our hands over our hearts" during America the Beautiful, because it's idolatrous and adulterous to do so..?!?; and it ultimately represents "allegiance to an earthly kingdom" over singular devotion to GOD?!?..

Link to Blog (https://askpastorwalter-ws3.blogspot.com/2016/10/imbalanced-christians.html)


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