WS-3 Disclaimer..

As a candidate for District 25B in Rochester, I've received "no official endorsement" from the Olmsted County Republican Party or its leadership.  It is my goal to build relationships, get involved in the local party's work, and earn the respect and endorsement of the party leadership at some point in the future.

Olmsted GOP

What We Believe..

Limited Government.  Rule of Law.  Property Rights.  Equal Opportunity.  Free Markets

These are the things that made the United States unique; the things that made the United States great. They are also the things that will keep the United States great.  Republicans believe that our nation’s Founders had revolutionary insights regarding human nature and the nature of governments. Those natures are timeless and so, too, is the quality of the insights. The more we deviate from the Founders’ principles, the less we can expect the greatness of our nation to endure. Republicans work to conserve the work of our Founders — though a famous Republican rightly overturned slavery.


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